September 22, 2021

How to Warmup Email Account Before Sending Cold Outreach

When you send a cold email to your targeted audience from an unknown email account, the email may go through significant problems while delivering. According to the analysis, more than 20% of emails never reach the receiver's inbox. Because most of the time, the new email accounts used for cold email campaigns get blocked as soon as the campaign starts. That is why you need to know how to warmup email account before your start to send cold email campaigns.

The problem is that new emails and the targeted inbox are not getting used to each other. With Google's spam change in January 2019, getting into the inbox is becoming more challenging. Because most emails are now designated as spam, to avoid this, it is essential to properly warmup email account that is brand new before the initial cold email promotion.

This article will introduce you to email warmup, why it is necessary, what steps you need to follow to warmup an email, and how StartWarmUp helps you warm up your new email account. These details will help Gmail and other email service providers understand that your email account is genuine.

What is Email Warmup?

Email warmup is an effective way to establish the credibility of a new email account and increase the email delivery limit. Sending emails from such an unknown email account, starting with a small amount and eventually increasing the number of emails per day, is part of the warming process.

Email service providers set daily sending restrictions when users set up a new email. On the other hand, a new account will not be able to use it. For example, any G Suite account from Google includes 2000 emails per day.

However, you can't send it all right now because you will have a limitation. So, you need to establish a positive reputation first, which can be accomplished via email warmup.

To warmup email account the ideal time frame for achieving optimal delivery is 8-12 weeks. Emails are prepared quickly depending on the volume of the email and the level of interaction in the process. If the recipient's level of engagement is low, email warming may take longer than expected.


What is the Importance of Email Warmup?

Warming up your new email account is a necessary step in establishing a good reputation and increasing your delivery rate. When planning to send a large volume of cold email marketing campaigns with such a new account, it is essential to ensure that the emails arrive in the recipients inbox.

The first step is to enter your message in the recipient's mailbox. Once your mail arrives, developing a positive engagement will help you build a stronger bond. This will avoid a spam filter, reach inside the inbox, and have a higher rate if the email is warm enough before delivering a cold email.

Why Do You Need To Warmup Your Email Domain Before Sending Out Cold Email Marketing Campaigns?

Warming up your email is an essential step because many people will stop there. However, keeping your mailbox warm is the key to excellent long-term delivery.

Email services like Gmail have identified your work as suspicious, acting as a gatekeeper to determine if your email is eligible to access the "Holy Inbox''. With warm-up, you were sending regular emails like a human being.

When you suddenly start delivering cold emails, this gap in your activity is created, which email providers do not appreciate. Thus, your cold emails might end up in spam box or junk folder.

That's why it's always essential to warmup your email account before you start sending emails to your audience. You can do so using warmup tools like StartWarmUp. All in all, make sure that your cold email does not end in spam and your sent messages are appropriately delivered.


Warmup Your Email Account Manually In 7 Steps

I hope now you understand how important it is to avoid labelling your emails as spam and you need to warmup email account before sending a message. Before using your automated email program, make your email account look natural, humane, and potential. Google is less likely to identify your spam emails if it believes you are a natural person.

Here I have discussed seven key steps to warmup your email id before sending any cold mail to recipients. Scroll down for a brief discussion.

Step 1: Set up your new email account

First, create an email account before warming up your cold email account. It could be Google's business-oriented email sending platform, which is similar to Gmail. Sending from a G Suite account has a higher delivery rate than sending from a account.

During the setup, your email account should be directed to make your website look more trustworthy. It doesn't matter which of your websites you link to the account. You can change this later if you need to.

Cold email campaigns should ideally be set up using the email account you have been using for some time. It would be best to wait at least 12 weeks after setting up your new email in a new domain for an outbound campaign before using it that way.

You can start cold emailing within two weeks if you set up a new email in an existing domain with a good reputation.

Step 2: Make your account unique

It's about proving your humanity when personalizing your account. Do not create any false identity. To make your profile unique,

  1. You should add a profile photo.
  2. Log in to G Suite, go to 'Users' and find the username you provided in your Cold Outreach profile.
  3. Create an email signature. Use your real name and account for this email account. Doing so will help keep your emails away from spam boxes.

Step 3: Live your new Gmail account as a human

Well done! You created an account and showed it to Google; you are a real person. Now you must show your mail server that you want to use your account as a regular user.

  1. Firstly, join for as many items as possible using your new email account. E.g., create accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Subscribe to a large number of email lists. Sign up for at least ten items.
  2. Secondly, send an email to several family friends and business partners. Ask them to respond. Then respond to their responses, and so on. These are not going to be marketing emails and will not be sent automatically. Consider the opportunity to communicate with their old friends while warming up your account.
  3. Finally, sending the same message to every contact is a great way to tag as spam. Sending relevant content to each of your contacts or spamming content that appears to have been developed by AI - these are sure ways to be tagged as spam.

Step 4: Start your campaign as a human

Nothing can stop you now! You've warmed up your email and are sincerely ready to start sending those freeze emails.

However, keep in mind that your email activity is constantly being watched. If you rush, send too many emails at once, or fail to personalize your emails appropriately, you may run the risk of getting a bad sender reputation. It will also disrupt delivery and undo all your hard work.

Personalization is important, so remember, you need to send an email equivalent to a volume, this is a specific way to identify it. Avoid spamming words or language. Also, keep your email text short and tidy. Do not format or use too many photos.

Always act like a human being, whether you warmup email account or make an uninterrupted promotion effort.

Step 5: Make a second impression on the recipient.

Create a second and optimistic idea for the recipient. Give your brief introduction again. Inform them about your recent activities, focus on the good side of things. Convince them that you are up to date on any industry change. This step will make you create a positive impression. Most importantly, refresh their memory by reminding them why they signed up for your email and why they're still stuck around.

Step 6: Provide something valuable

You must provide something valuable to regain the trust of the customers. That way, you insisted that you always come here to help them. Just refrain from selling and bragging about how excellent your service or product is.

So give them some free, valuable information or some hidden gems that will help them solve their biggest problems. You can promote a new weblog series, a no-pitch webinar, an eBook, a podcast, a quiz, a free service, or something else.

Let your members know that they will soon have more valuable free access. This, especially if you can keep your word and deliver.

Step 7: Include a powerful Call To Action.

Finish your email by tying it together in a bow. Show your gratitude. Let them know what they expect from you in the future. And encourage people to take action by attaching a clickable link to the freebie you are giving. If you use an exciting Call to Action(CTA), your customers will be more motivated to do what they need to do at this time.

In other words, the more people refrain from receiving emails or marking your communications as spam, the worse your sender's reputation is. In this email world, the credibility of your sender is crucial. So, end your email with a powerful call to action that encourages your customers to stay.

Note: You may go for a manual warmup email account but we suggest you go for an automated process. To know the reasons you need to know the disadvantages of manual process.


Disadvantages of Manual Process?

The disadvantages of manual process are:

  1. Time consuming: The manual process gulps plenty of hours, days and even months.
  2. Increase of emails: To warmup manually you need to increase the number of emails every week.
  3. Wait for replies: You need to wait for replies and then reply back. You need to be genuine.
  4. Hectic work: Sending up to 100+ emails at 4th week is not a joke. That's a lot of hectic work to do.
  5. Pressure: This much load of work is actually nothing but pressure.
  6. Break down: After all the hectic, if you don’t get at least 25% replies then this might give you a nerve breakdown as all your efforts go in vain.

Why take all the trouble and get yourself a back pain when you can switch to a better option at a low price. We introduce you to StartWarmup that will take care of all your email warmup efforts and will increase your email deliverability. By this your email will not land in your prospect's spam box again.

What Is StartWarmup?

StartWarmup is one most powerful warmup tool to warmup email account effectively. By this, your email account gets a green signal from Google to reach out to the clients’ inboxes directly.

StartWarmup warms your new email account by sending and receiving emails within the database automatically. All the emails replies are delivered at a genuine method just as a human would do. By this, Google will understand you email account is operated by a human not AI.

Once your email is warmed up, you are ready to send emails to your recipient. StartWarmup ensure this time your emails will not land in your recipients spam box, junk folder or even promotional tab. It will land directly to the inbox.

How Does StartWarmUp Help You To Warmup Your Cold Email Account?

We know spam emails account for about half of all the email traffic. As a result, email service providers (ESPs) such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook have created sophisticated spam filters to safeguard their consumers.

StartWarmup will produce activity in your email account, demonstrating to ESPs that you are a reliable sender.

Even if you have been using an email account for months or a couple of years without any hassle, you can still use the StartWarmup email warming system to reduce the risk of sending spam.

You have to Register in StartWarmup and sign up for a paid account from your domain. StartWarmup will do the warm-up process by the following steps:

  1. It will send genuine emails from your domain to some real email accounts that are stored in the database.
  2. The persons owning those email accounts will reply back to the emails of Start warm-up. As such your email id will be proved to Google as an authentic account(not a spammer!). Therefore your email account will be warmed up.
  3. By this process StartWarmup will make your account ready to go for campaigns. Now you can send emails to your clients or audiences. And any emails sent from your warmed up account will go directly to your target audience’s inbox not the spam box.

Suppose, if any of your emails are detected as spam inside a filter during warmup, in that case, it will be immediately classified as 'not spam and transferred to the general inbox to lessen the risk of repetition.

You will gradually demonstrate to ESPs that you are a reliable sender who sends or receives genuine emails. Also, they are less likely to be identified as spammers whenever you launch your email campaigns.

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Final Words

If you are warming up your email account manually using no email warmup tools then you are mostly wasting huge amount of time. You might need to send and get responses to emails more than once every day. You have to ensure that the people you are sending email replies back to you.

Undoubtedly you can do all the work by yourself manually if you have a great deal of patience and time. But it is good to consider the effectiveness of automatic email warming tools that are available and do not charge beyond your limit. Sign Up to StartWarmup if you prefer to warmup your email account by expert hands, saving your time, energy and efforts.

Afreen is a professional content writer having 4+ years of experience. She has published around 300 articles on different websites and popular social media platforms. Besides writing, she is also an excellent digital marketer and video editor as well. Her only research paper has been published in the IJARCSSE journal. Stay connected if you want to hear more about her.
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